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Hi, I'm Alif Muhammad Nuhaāœ‹

I'm a Web Developer, IT Support, DevOps

I'm Junior Web developer able to build a Web presence from the ground up - from concept, navigation, layout and programming to UX and SEO. Iā€™m a graduate of vocational high school majoring in computer and network engineering.

General Skills

Programming Language:PHP, Javascript, NodeJS
Framework:Laravel, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Fastify
Operating System:Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu
Cloud Server:Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Service


Al-Qur'an Web

Al-Qur'an Web is a website Quran online with translation, audio and tajwid.

Twitter Gallery

Generate a photo gallery from a Twitter account

Google Drive Direct Link

Generate Google Drive direct link


Jpop & Idol Group, Discography, Lyric, and Music

Alif Blog

Blog about technology


Favourite Prize of Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021

March 2021 ā€¢ Alibaba Cloud, Codepolitan, Re-Cloud

Re-Cloud Challenges Indonesia is the first competition from Alibaba Cloud in Indonesia with the mission of educating the public to get used to using Cloud Services and also supported by online classes and certifications.

Alqur`an Web